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Educational Entry Requirements &
Eligibility for Studentship Registration

Though having adopted in 1984 the standard entry requirement of Advanced Level passes in the General Certificate of Education, the Council of the Association has accepted that it would be failing in its fundamental purpose as an international body, were it to insist on this educational entry standard applying throughout the world, since it could be enforcing a restrictive practice against the interest of a country, in which it conducts examinations.

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Membership is attainable by passing the prescribed qualifying examinations coupled with proof of qualifying experience in accountancy of an approved nature and of employment in an appropriate accountancy capacity.

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The Examination Standards

The examinations are degree level equivalent. The examinations are held half-yearly in May and September.


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Approved Practical Accountancy Experience

In addition to passing the Professional Examination, an applicant for Associate Membership is required, inter alia, to satisfy the Council with regard to practical accountancy experience.

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Core Purpose & Vision


Making sense of a changing and complex world.

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