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The Association of Certified Public Accountants Int'l (CPA-London) is a professional accountancy body founded for the purpose of developing a professional and educational Association, which will enable accountants worldwide to attain technical and ethical standards of the highest international order.

The Association's objects among other things include:

  • The advancement of the science of accountancy, financial management and other subject related to the public accounting profession.

  • The promotion of the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct by its members.

  • The protection and preservation of its members' professional independence and the exercise of professional supervision over them.

  • To subscribe and promote international accounting standards.

Whilst the Association conducts its own Professional Examinations twice yearly, a number of accredited private educational institutions have been accredited under agreement to conduct the Association's Examinations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) namely:

  1. Ibn Battuta International Training Centre
  2. Chartered Centre for Financial Management
  3. On Target Consulting Centre


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