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Courses and Exams

CPE Programme

All accountants recognise that the quality of their knowledge and services should be maintained and developed by continuing their professional education.

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Post Qualifying Studies

The Association organises an extensive programme of continuing professional education courses designed to keep members informed on the latest development in accounting, auditing and management methods, as well as change in legislation.


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Examination Structure

The Association examinations comprise, fifteen papers - each of three or three and a half hours duration. The combined examinations cover a total of forty-eight examination hours - the most extended examination period for any professional accountancy body established in the United Kingdom and, as far as ascertained, overseas.

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Practising Certificate

The Association's examinations have been prepared, inter alia to enable the successful candidate to practice as a Public Accountant and Auditor, but no member of the Association may engage in the public practice of accountancy whether full-time or part-time, unless he is in possession of a valid Practising Certificate issued by the Council of the Association authorising him to practise. One of the conditions for the issue of a Practising Certificate is that the member must show to the satisfaction of the Council that he has obtained adequate experience and training in auditing in the office of an approved practising Accountant, in the country in which he intends to practise.

The Practising Certificate is renewable annually at the discretion of the Council and may be withdrawn by the Council at any time. A member engaging in public practice when not in possession of a valid certificate is subject to disciplinary action.


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Qualification for Appointment as Auditor

The purpose of Section 389 is to define the eligibility for appointment as auditor to a company incorporated under a Companies Act. It is neither an assessment of competency nor a barrier to the provision of accountancy services to the public.

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Board of Examiners

The Association has 25 Principal Examiners and in addition to examining in British Law, conducts examinations in Taxation and Company Law in the local Law of other countries.

As an international body, it has been accepted that it is obligatory upon the Association to show that impartial examination standards are maintained. Accordingly, the Council of the Association appoints its examiners for accountancy and kindred type papers from outside the Association's membership and such appointments are made from all major United Kingdom accountancy bodies, but it is required that an examiner should hold, in addition to employment of an appropriate accountancy/financial nature, an appointment as a lecturer at a University/H.E. College in the United Kingdom in the subject, and to the level, for which he has been appointed.


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